Cheese Knife - Ash Marble

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3cm (at widest part) x 18cm (W x L)

Sotto Terra Collection
Unearthed vessels, tools and platters from KEEPRESIN’s collection
The introduction of terrazzo, gold leaf, deep black and rich swirls. KEEPRESIN wares are all individually handmade and therefore the colour of every piece will be beautifully unique.

When treated with the same care with which it was made, and by following this simple care guide, your KEEPRESIN piece may last you a lifetime. KEEPRESIN homewares are made from a sturdy resin material. However, they should be treated with care as homewares can chip or break if they collide with another hard surface. Our resin wares are designed for cold food presentation only and should be cleaned in warm water when necessary. If your wares appear dull, we recommend rubbing resin with a cloth and a drop of cooking oil, this will restore sheen. Resin is not heat proof or fire resistant and therefore should not be used in any, or in conjunction with any kitchen appliance.